Section 101 News

June 3, 2010 - New York, NY – Section101, a leading destination for artists wishing to take control of their digital world, is excited to be working with alt-indie band Junip on their website.

The Swedish based indie rock outfit Junip are gearing up for some North American dates and European festival shows in June, and thanking their loyal fans by giving away their new EP for free on their site, https://www.junip.net.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Jose Gonzalez formed Junip, a band that has played intermittently together through out the 90s. Gonzalez is an indie rock darling, having made a name for himself with his trippy, acoustic free-flowing music, harkening back to Nick Drake and Elliot Smith. While Gonzalez continues his solo career, he gravitates back to Junip, playing with band mates Elias Araya on drums and Tobias Winterkorn on keyboards. Releasing music that’s moody, smart and mysterious, Junip are best know for their 2006 EP, Black Refuge.

2010 finds the band finally getting ready to release a full-length album. As a reward for perhaps their patience, Junip are gifting fans with the EP Rope and Summit. The EP will also be available digitally from Mute in the US, City Slang in Euro, Ultra Vybe in Japan and Shock in Australia.

About Section 101
Section 101 has developed a revolutionary new web-publishing platform that enables music artists, celebrities and other entertainers to proactively take charge of the proliferation of digital content on the web and effectively market their brand across the growing number of online channels. Section 101’s platform provides artists with an easy-to-use environment to intuitively create, deploy and manage their digital persona, while providing integrated tools to organize and leverage the artist’s fans via branded communities and viral content.

Artists and brands such as Duran Duran, Carina Round, Diane Birch, Junip, Kaci Battaglia, Todd Alsup, Woodstock Universe and the Mountain Jam music festival all rely on Section 101 technology.