Film & TV Client Testimonials

We LOVE our Film & TV Website clients and build long-lasting relationships with beautiful designs, effective features, and consistent customer care. The feeling is mutual....

Vincent Spano
Jonatha Brooke
“When you imagine your website, you want it to be an extension of yourself. You want teammates who share your vision and will do all they can to bring it to life. Section 101 has been all that and more. They are there for me now, as I evolve, just as they were from the genesis of our collaboration. I am grateful for their hard work and ongoing support.”
Vincent Spano, Actor / Director
“I LOVE Section 101. They are creative, super smart, and have helped me immeasurably along the learning curve of taking charge of my web presence. They built my main website, and have just finished the site for my new show My Mother Has 4 Noses. Their designs are beautiful, their framework is intuitive and ergonomic, and they are super accessible if you need tech help. They are a “can do” team with great big hearts… Always there when I need them.”
Jonatha Brooke, Playwright / Singer-Songwriter
Deirdre Lovejoy
“I recommend Section 101 to all my colleagues. Their design platform is unique, user-friendly, constantly improving. They are hooked into social media, and the staff is always available and responsive to my questions. I love my website and the best part is I get to run it myself!”
Deirdre Lovejoy, Actress