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5 Quick Holiday Tips to Keep Your Website Looking Sharp!

The holidays are around the corner - here are a FIVE quick tips to keep your website looking sharp as we head in to 2017:

1) MAKE SURE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION IS VERY VISIBLE - If you’re a band who wants to book gigs, an author who wants to sell books or a company who wants to sell…anything…make sure it is very simple for people to get in contact with you. If a visitor has to spend a lot of time looking for a way to reach you, chances are they will either give up  or think your website isn’t so well organized. Not a good result in either case.
2) MAKE YOUR WEBSITE MOBILE FRIENDLY - This may seem obvious, but we’re still surprised by how many websites aren’t optimized for mobile. You know when you’re waiting on a  long line and everyone in front and behind you are looking at their smart phone? Imagine all of those people are trying to learn what your website is about, but can’t because it isn’t optimized for mobile. Shudder the thought!!
3) MAKE SURE YOU’RE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL. While you’re filling up your website with amazing content, make sure you’re able to re-purpose that hard work on social media. It will drive traffic back to your website and let customers know you’re very invested in what you’re doing since you take the time to keep up both your website and your social media channels. 
4) CONDENSE YOUR MENU - If your site has been around for awhile,  it may be time to take a look and see if you need to make any adjustments. One thing we notice is that if someone has been running their website for a few years, they tend to keep adding tabs to their navigation bar but don’t necessarily remove the items that are no longer useful. No one wants 9 items on a navigation bar to scroll through, so take a look and see how you can make that area look a little neater. 
5) GET SOME PROFESSIONAL HELP - In order to really stand out, you may need to work with a professional. From changing graphics, to an updated logo, to a total refresh, it’s a worthwhile investment to treat yourself to a little extra help once a year. Your website represents YOU and your product, and you want to make sure you get the best result the minute someone clicks on your page.

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