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Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm....

Every now and again we post a tip and hear positive feedback (which we love), that  is often coupled with “Thanks for the reminder in the last Section 101 Tip, I totally should have thought of that myself!”

This tip is kind of like that.

Create a playlist!!!!!!

Whether it’s your own music, or the music of people who have inspired you, it’s a great thing to share a playlist with your audience. You can create it on Spotify (or if you favor another streaming service use that) and then share it on your Section 101 website AND your social media. If you’re creating a playlist using other people’s music make sure you tag them on your playlist (and social media!) and encourage people to pass it around to their friends - why not? It gets your name out there, and it keeps people engaged in a way they’re happy to be engaged: Listening to music! Our clients Duran Duran often do playlists and Amy S. Foster, who is both an author and songwriter, recently created a playlist for her forthcoming novel, The Rift: Uprising. She wanted readers to have a musical ‘background’ of sorts while delving in to her book. 

Creating a playlist - every month, every quarter? - is a tried and true way to get people excited about something you all have in common - great music!!

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