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You know what is something you never forget? Your first piece of press coverage! So these days, there are more outlets than ever for people to talk about your stuff, with print media, blogs and digital, but it doesn’t seem any easier to actually GET good press. However, what always boggles our collective minds here at Section 101 is when people don't post their good reviews/press notices on their website!!  If you’ve got it, flaunt it!!

It is not only pretty cool to get a write up, but it also gives your project a sense of legitimacy that someone who isn't a friend or a relative thinks what you're doing is worth talking about. Not only should you post any rave review (or even a good one!) on the NEWS page of your website, but when you have enough clips you should start a PRESS page to highlight what people are saying. It doesn't even have to be the full review, you can get creative and use a pull quote (typically the best line of the review and/or write-up)  with a link to the full article. And of course, then you'd post that link on social media. Take our word for it, sometimes it’s good to show off!

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