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(Auto) Population Control

Sometimes it’s hard to be creative ALL the time and know what type of information is good for your website, your social media, your email list etc. We get it, sometimes the effort feels taxing, but we have found that it is smarter to do one piece at a time rather than throw the same content to your fan base all at once – in other words, if you use the exact same wording on your social channels and your website, it kind of looks like you’re not up for being creative.   

Of course, a big announcement will warrant that it’s posted on your website and all your social outlets, but when you can, mix it up a bit - make sure your Twitter feed has different information then your Facebook page and Instagram. If you make an editorial calendar for these things you can always use the same IDEA throughout the week, but maybe post it to Facebook on Monday, re-word it for Twitter two days later and throw it up on tumblr a day after that. In addition, it helps to have exclusive information on your website, where you are ‘breaking’ really important news to people. Also, after awhile, you should be able to see which social outlets are working the best for you, where you get the most responses and highest level of engagement. If it’s Twitter, make that your focus. If Instagram is where your fans are at, pay special attention there. Whatever the top spots your fans go to for information, make sure it's current, relevant and interesting. Variety keeps people coming back for more!

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