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Scenario: You play out, people come to see you, you sell music at your shows; You have a website, a Facebook page where you promote your live dates, but you don’t post that you’re “on the bus” or “ate Mexican food for lunch.” Social media is a bit of a chore to you and the last thing you want to do is add an Instagram account. Or is it?

You should do it!

Here’s the primary reason: It’s easy! If you have a smart phone – and if you’re a traveling musician, you do – it is super simple to upload a photo from your phone and caption it. And that’s really it. Instagram is a native smartphone app (i.e: you can’t update Instagram from your computer), and for someone who is on the road or recording, there is always going to be great visual CONTENT to share. Whether it’s backstage, on the highway or an amazing jam session, there are so many photo opps right at your fingertips. It’s also really easy to hashtag other artists - when you hashtag, think of it as filing your post in a worldwide filing cabinet - and that can draw attention to your music/brand. For instance, if you’re a Southern Rock band, tag the Allman Bros and Skynyrd. Let people know this is what you sound like, and if they like those acts, they’d like you too. You can also feature your IG on your Section 101 website - so all around, it’s a smart choice. Get snapping!

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