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Patience is a Virtue!

The hardest part about getting started is figuring out WHERE to start. Like songwriting, or beginning the first pages of a script or a novel, when you launch your website you need to be dedicated, patient and work through the process. It’s best to set aside some time (at least a few hours) and be prepared to experiment. Not everything you think will look amazing will be the right fit, so having time to check out a few different looks is important. Your website represents you/your brand, and you want to make sure the aesthetic fits. 

The look, vibe and feel of your site will come over time (like your art!) and can (should) evolve. Section 101 websites make it easy for you to make a change if something isn’t working or you want to go in a new direction. You have the ability to test ideas out for a week or two and then change it if it isn’t yielding the result you had hoped for. Also, it’s fun to involve your fan base and ask their opinions-  and maybe even do a Blog about the process!

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