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Section 101, a New York based company that delivers a dynamic web-based solution providing simple and effective tools for online brands has launched a new site for the luxury skin care product, L.A. Christine at https://www.lachristine.com. For centuries, Northern Europe has been known for the world’s most sought-after skin treatments, where ageless traditions abound. Saunas, spas, natural ingredients and other elements of a healthy lifestyle are at the center of their culture. Halfway around the world, Southern California has also long been defined by a natural, healthy, active lifestyle. L.A. Christine unites Scandinavian tradition with Californian innovation, tapping the best of the Old and New World in offering luxury skincare products for an active lifestyle. Founded by Lea Fulton, L.A. Christine is committed to creating the finest natural skin care products. Having grown up all around Europe, Lea cultivated a natural passion for health and beauty, having to adapt to many different climates. Her later work in the entertainment industry also connected her with professional makeup artists seeking a perfect look for skin. After relocating to Southern California, Fulton decided to roll all of her experience and knowledge into creating a product that could protect, nourish and smooth dry skin in all weather conditions. Says Section 101 CEO Liz Leahy, “It has been a pleasure working with Lea and bringing this site to life. She told us what she was looking for and with her vision, we were able to build the L.A. Christine site from the ground up, creating the custom look and imagery, as well integrating a new storefront for them. Not to mention every one in our office has fantastic skin now!” ABOUT SECTION 101: Section 101 delivers a web-based platform that presents simple and effective solutions for music and entertainment brands to manage their online presence. Clients can create personalized websites that are easy to use with a powerful suite of integrated tools available to organize and leverage your brand across a growing number of online and social channels. Section 101 offers a premier service for people who prefer us to supply creative input, as well as a Do-It-Yourself model, providing all the utilities required to create your own unique website on a budget. Read more here. Follow us @Section101Tweet on Twitter.