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Section 101, a New York based interactive company that develops new ways for singers, songwriters and musicians to market, promote and monetize their brand is pleased to announce COO Ken Umezaki will be speaking at the first annual Indie Connect Virtual Music Conference and Expo, February 26-28th. Billed as the “world’s only global online-only music conference,” the IC Virtual Music Conference promises 3 days of networking, education and entertainment. Section 101 is excited to be taking part in this inaugural event, with Ken providing two different speaking engagements on February 26th and February 27th. Ken’s sessions, which attendees can participate in simply by logging in, are The Dynamics of The Digital Music Business: Part 1 Business Overview on Tuesday February 26th at 4pm and The Dynamics of The Digital Music Business: Part 2 Implications for Musicians on Wednesday February 27th at 2pm. The conference features over 50 speakers from around the globe. All of the presentations are followed by a Q&A via chat or teleconference. Every one of the conference’s specialty talks is about being an independent artist, with tips on how to succeed and stand out in a crowded market. ABOUT SECTION 101: Section 101 delivers a web-based platform that presents simple and effective solutions for music and entertainment brands to manage their online presence. Clients can create personalized websites that are easy to use with a powerful suite of integrated tools available to organize and leverage your brand across a growing number of online and social channels. Section 101 offers a premier service for people who prefer us to supply creative input, as well as a Do-It-Yourself model, providing all the utilities required to create your own unique website on a budget. Click here to read more Follow us: @Section101Tweet on Twitter