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It’s very easy to let your site chug along if things are going smoothly, but just like you might see a dentist every six months, or change the batteries in your fire alarm, you should make sure to revisit your website, and how it is working, at least twice a year. 

  • Even if nothing earth shattering is happening, try and post something on your website twice a month at a minimum. Not only does that help your SEARCH algorithms, but it also keeps people who follow your brand engaged.  These visitors will come to expect your updates and look forward to them.

  • The above plays in to this tip – link back to your website whenever you can. When you have fresh content on your site, you can use that on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + etc. Within the posts you craft for social, you can link back to your website.

  • Make sure the user experience is both easy and efficient. You don’t want someone who is visiting your website to be confused or not know what your goal is immediately. The last thing you want is for a Visitor to have to dig around to uncover the main point you want to make. You know what else you should check? The Font! Make sure people can read it no matter what type of browser they use.

  • Make sure the site architecture works. You want your website to be linear. Your home page should feature all the other pages on your website, and all those pages should have links to navigate to where a User wants to go. If your website features a Menu, be sure the choices are in order of importance with top tier items placed first. The focus should be on usability.

  • Finally – mobile. If you’re not optimized for mobile, stop reading right now and make that change straightaway! In 2017, the total hours of browse time on a phone or tablet was much higher than that on a desktop computer, and in 2016, web browsing on a phone surpassed web browsing on a computer.  Enabling your website for mobile viewing is a must-must-must!