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Client Spotlight: Kina Grannis

Last September, our artist Kina Grannis and her band left for Jakarta, Indonesia to embark on a tour throughout Southeast Asia.

They only played 1 show, and then spent the next 99 days fighting to come home.

On 5/20/16, Kina was finally ready to tell her story on why she disappared for 3 months last year, and also share two incredible songs she wrote while going through this experience.

Section 101 feels lucky to have been able to be part of this process with Kina, in helping to share her story and music with the world through her website. 

Read her story at www.kinagrannis.com.

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Section 101 In The News

CEO Liz Leahy Selected as Judge for WebAwards
Posted on 6/17/2016

Section 101 is pleased to announce company Founder and CEO Liz Leahy has been asked to be one of the judges of the Web Marketing Association’s 2016 WebAwards for the fourth year in a row.

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Section 101 at A2IM Indie Week
Posted on 6/16/2016

Section 101 is excited to be part of the A2IM “Social Media and Web Presence” workshop, scheduled during Indie Week on Tuesday, June 14th from 1-2pm and Thursday, June 16th from 12-1pm.

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Section 101's Latest ASCAP article
Posted on 6/8/2016
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Working with Fiverr
Posted on 5/26/2016

CEO Liz Leahy's last blog was all about Austin, specifically SXSW and the Southwest Invasion event, but this month we're highlighting Fiverr, a great company who was one of the primary sponsors of the Southwest Invasion. 

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Whole Planet Foundation's Musicians for Microcredit
Posted on 5/12/2016

Each year, the Quantum Collective (Section 101 is a co-founder) presents the Southwest Invasion during SXSW Week in Austin. The event is built around a philosophy of discovery for both music and brands. The free, three-day event hosts incredible music performances along with a carefully curated village on the Whole Foods Austin rooftop made up of goods, non-profit organizations and services that all share the same philosophies.

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