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Client Spotlight: The Msumarini Welfare Group Trust


What if you lived in a village that could no longer afford basic health care and education? If you reside in Msumarini, a small village on the north coast of Kenya, East Africa, you sadly know the answer. At one time, the village was vibrant as the population grew due to increased tourism in the region. However in November 2002, Al Qaeda operatives conducted a suicide attack at the nearby Paradise Hotel, killing eleven Kenyans, three tourists and injuring over eighty people. The hotel closed and the subsequent drop in tourism significantly impacted the community.

In 2004, the Cunningham Family, who had a home in the village, established The Msumarini Welfare Group Trust. The Trust’s main purpose is to provide health services and education for the community.  After the Trust was formed, funds were raised, land was purchased and a clinic was built. The village leaders became the driving force behind the Trust and its developments, which are based on the needs of the people.


Section 101 is passionate about the work of The Msumarini Trust, and has donated their web building and marketing services to make people more aware of this charity. Since Christmas is the season of giving, we’re encouraging all of our S101 friends to help the Msumarini Trust in one of two ways:


1)   A donation, which is 100% tax deductible, and very much needed. If you click on this link you will be taken to the CAF America (Charities Aid Foundation America) website to make your donation.
2)   Via SHOP FOR A CAUSE, supported by lifestyle brand India Hicks, which sells luxury accessories through independent ambassadors. If you buy anything by using this link, www.indiahicks.com/rep/roslyn25% of your purchase will be donated to Msumarini.

In this current climate, where difficult news seems to dominate most conversations, we feel it’s important to highlight people who are doing great work. We’re proud to be associated with the The Msumarini Welfare Group Trust and hope you can help us support this great initiative. 

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