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Client Spotlight: JULLIAN RECORDS
Section 101 is proud to announce the new website for independent music label Jullian Records.
With a true passion for art, Jullian Records values music in a way that's different than other indie labels. Jullian is known for providing a personal level of support for both emerging and established acts, and they tailor their resources to fit each artist's needs. In another unusual commitment, they also allow artists to keep control of their Master Recordings. The level of assurance they show to their performers is both unique and forward thinking.
Jullian's website reflects the company's ethos: the revamped site now features a rotating banner and a listening center that puts the label signings front and center. 
Current acts include Kelsey Kerrigan, Luke Elliot, Jeb Loy Nichols, DWNTWN and The Kickback, whose newly released second album Weddings & Funerals, was given an "A-" by Consequence of Sound who said, "(This album) sounds great, with riffs as sharp as razor wire and pronounced percussion that rattles the heart."
Please visit http://jullianrecords.com, take a look at their brand new, easy to navigate website & listen to some fantastic music while you're there!

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